David Parra's 1948 Chevrolet

Davids 1948 Chevrolet is the most accessorized car I have ever seen and is my favorite car of
all time. His taste in using original GM accessories for his car makes this a very rare car indeed.
I have seen many 48's at various car shows and ones that friends own but none that can claim what
David has accomplish with his car, and that is to say he just about has all the accessories for his
car. I've seen many 48's with maybe one, two or even three, four hard to find accessories on their
car but to have 40 is not an easy thing to do. Since my website has been on-line I have received
many complements on my collection of accessories. Since my cars, 1948 Cabriolet and 1947 Aerosedan
are works in process, there is one thing I have been wanting to do and that is to show the accessories
on an actual car, and what better car than Davids. So grab yourself a napkin and enjoy, the napkin is for
when you drool.


View the list of David's impressive accessory list