Below is the list of accessories that are installed on David's car.

All Weather Shields (Ventshades) Glove Compartment Lamp Rear Window Wiper
Ash Tray, Dash Gravel Guards Redhead Flashlight
Back-Up Lamps Grill Guard Spare Air Connection
Cigarette Lighter (Cat Eye) Hat Holder Spare Tire Lock
Clock, 30 Hour Heater, Fresh Air Spotlight
Compass Heater, Super Deluxe Streamliners (Skirts)
Defroster Fan Hood Ornament Tissue Despenser
Deluxe Steering Wheel (Banjo) Locking Gas Cap Trunk Guard
Directional Signal Luggage Lamp Umbrella Carrier
Dual Purpose Visor Peep Mirror Under Hood Lamp
Fender Guard (Wrap-a-Rounds) Radiator Overflow Tank Vanity Mirror, Lighted
Fog Lamps Radio, Deluxe Ventilator Screens for Aero
Gas Fiter, Durex Rear Window Blinds Windshield Washer
Glare Proof Rear View Mirror