My 1948 Chevrolet Cabriolet

Upon finishing my car I would like to thank my children and the rest of my family and friends for there patients and support. This car is a life
long dream of mine that has come true and I thank God for allowing me this great gift. I have to the best of my knowledge and research built this
car as correct as possible to the General Motors specifications. I hope the documentation of my car helps all those out there trying to build there
1947 and 1948 Chevrolets back to original. I completed my car late April 2010 and got caught up in going to the car shows. As soon as I was
done, show after show came up and I was anxious to finally show my car. Surprisingly many others were anxious to see it as well. Many friends
and family were very gracious and complementary. Last year was a year on the fast lane for me concerning cars, I finished my convertible and
bought a 1947 Chevrolet 2Dr Aerosedan with 21, 000 original miles, but that will be another story!


AC Oil Filter Gas Fiter, Durex Radiator Overflow Tank
Ash Tray, Dash Gas Tank Signal Radio, Steering Colmn
Back-Up Lamps Glove Compartment Lamp Spare Air Connection
Cigarette Lighter (Cat Eye) Gravel Guards Streamliners Fleetmaster (Skirts)
Clock, 30 Hour Grill Guard, 48 Thermostat
Compass Heater Shut-off Valve Tissue Despenser
Deluxe Steering Wheel (Banjo) Heater, Fresh Air Tools
Directional Signal Heater, Super Deluxe Trunk Guard
Emergency Brake Signal Hood Ornament 48 Umbrella Carrier
Exhaust Extension Hydraulic Jack Under Hood Lamp
Fender Guard (Wrap-a-Rounds) King Bee Mirror Vanity Mirror, Lighted
Fog Lamps Locking Gas Cap Ventilator Drains
Full Disk Hub Caps Luggage Lamp

Special thanks to my Brother Robert, Genaro Diaz, Joe Cuellar, Mike Lendo and Mike Ramos