My 1947 Chevrolet Aerosedan

After the completion of my 1948 Convertible I was thinking how I was going to approach restoring my 47 Areosedan that I
put on hold when I got the Convertible. The thought came to mind, Do I want to do another big project? I could not see myself
cutting corners if I were to restore it. I began casually browsing for an original car that needed very minor work, something I can
cruise and not worry to much about. Within a month or two I found and purchased an original 21,000 mile car. Itís a 1947 2Dr
Aerosedan, unmolested with original interior, six volt, all switches and electrical works. The following are pictures of the car and
how I originally received it.


Now that you have seen how I received the car,
Now see what I have done with it......